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College Student
Aim & Objective

The aim and object of the college “विधया सर्वेषां हितम”  is an extract from the Vedas. The essence of all religion is welfare for all

“सर्वेषां हितम”.

In the steel city the college was opened on the pious day of Basant Panchami with the prayer of goddess of learning “Maa Saraswati” seeking her blessing for knowledge to all and welfare for all. The base of the circle holding the lantern is a symbol of light, and the book is the emblem of knowledge. In the midst of flame is the Ran Vijay Smarak Mahavidyalay, Sector -12/D, Bokaro, the centre of higher learning in the city. The foundation shows “सर्वेषां हितम”. Signifying wisdom and knowledge for all.

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